My top 10 travel apps

Smart phones have made travelling so easy, in a small device you got all the information and tools needed to make your trip happen. Find below my favorite ones:

XE Currency converter

XE is a free Exchange Rate App for travelers in foreign countries as you get accurate live historical chart on a single screen. It also monitors your favorite currency exchange rate in an immediate notification.

No internet? No problem! provides offline maps and calculates the best routes. I found it had more information than Google maps in remote places as most of the information in the map is added by fellow travelers.


It is a great app to plan your trip as you can create your own itineraries in a map.


Get the premium version to be able to store music to listen offline. You can always update your lists and listen to new music, which is very much needed when you travel for long time and don´t have a computer to update your music. Also it saves a lot of space in your phone storage.

Google translate

Great tool to make possible a basic communication with locals that don´t speak English.

Western Union

A great back up plan to get cash when you don´t have any functional cards. You can transfer money from your current account to any branch in the world and the fee is just a little higher than some banks.


There are a few low cost airlines in Asia and sometimes flying comes even cheaper than travelling by road. This was the case in Indonesia or The Philippines. Skyscanner compares and shows the cheapest flights. You can find real bargains if you have flexible dates


It works great in cities in The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Forget about haggling with taxis or tuk tuk drivers, Uber and Grab give you the same price as the locals pay.


The best to find private rooms is Southeast Asia.


The biggest selection of shared accommodation.

Want to know how to spend less in accommodation? check my tips:

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