The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Being willing to take risks is the very first one. Changes are so scary; the unknown is overwhelming and giving up life as you know it seems like the hardest thing. Never thought a click in a computer could have such an impact if my life until I bought a one way ticket to the Philippines. A ticket that closed one door and opened thousand windows.

I was born in Madrid but lived in London for the last six years. Like most of spaniards who move to UK on their twenties, I wanted to learn the language and experience living abroad. That chapter of my life was meant to last six months, but I end up staying more tan six years. A piece of me always knew that city wasn´t my place to settle, but I got carried away with promotions and relationships. London is such a cosmopolitan city, the place where I learned to take care of myself and made friends that became family.

The problem was that nothing last long in London and, at some point, I got tired of meeting new people that will eventually leave, either off to new adventures or back to their hometowns. I also got tired of planning weekends away to visit my family and holidays seeking for the sun and some peace of mind.

There is a quote of Samuel Johnson that says “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. I guess this quote doesn´t apply to me, I got definitely tired of the buzz of a city in constant movement. But I always had doubts and wondered: was I really willing to leave London? I couldn´t bare the idea of leaving, but I also couldn’t cope with the idea of staying any longer.

I felt like everyday under that gray sky was a big waste of time. There is so much going on in this world to spend the rest of our lives working hard to make money and support an expensive lifestyle. We are born in a capitalism society that made us believe material things are the key to happiness. Well, for me, experience is far more valuable than money. Money comes back, time doesn´t. I don´t want to wake up one morning to realize the best years of my life are gone and there is no more time to do the things I´ve always wanted to do. So I decided to get out my comfort zone: quit my job, move out of London and flight to the other side of the world. Seeking wanderlust.


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