Underwater bliss in Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh, also known as Sabang, is a small volcanic island located in the Andaman Sea famous for its large variety of fish species and coral reef areas. There are four islets surrounding Weh Island: Klah, Rubiah, Seulako, and Rondo. Among those, Rubiah is well known for diving tourism, because of its coral reefs. Weh … Continue reading Underwater bliss in Pulau Weh

Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang

Sumatra was the last destination of my 9-month trip and one of the places that I loved the most. An English girl told me amazing things about the island in a hostel in Singapore and I added it to my bucket list when I decided to extend my Indonesian tourist Visa an extra month. At … Continue reading Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang

Bali, the island of the Gods

The most touristy island in Indonesia is famous for its surfer vibe beaches, mystic Hindu temples, yoga and meditation retreats, exotic nature and endless rice fields. Packed with tourists and expats, Bali is very developed and is a must go place if you are looking for an exotic destination with all the western comfort. How … Continue reading Bali, the island of the Gods

Island days in Karimunjawa

Magical sunsets, turquoise waters, colorful coral reefs, rich marine life and the friendliest Indonesian people are found in Karimunjawa. This archipielago located in central Java is slowly developing some international tourism and becoming one of the must go places for backpackers when visiting Indonesia. The island´s crowd are mostly local tourists, as well as laid … Continue reading Island days in Karimunjawa

Roaming the temples of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of the crowdest cities of Indonesia, with more than 4 million habitants, and has become a popular destination for those visiting the Hindu temple of Prambanan and the Buddhist site of Borobudur. How to get there Located in Central Java, Yogyakarta is easily reachable within the island by train or bus, or … Continue reading Roaming the temples of Yogyakarta

Exploring George Town

George Town is part of the Penang state and the second largest city of Malaysia. This multi-cultural colonial town is one of UNESCO´s World Heritage Site and is very popular among travelers for its street art and architecture. It is also considered the food capital of Malaysia for its street food blending Malay, Chinese and … Continue reading Exploring George Town

Tourist visa to Southeast Asian countries

This is a list of the visa requirements for Europe Union citizens: The Philippines Visa on arrival is free up to 30 days. Vietnam Visa on arrival is free up to 15 days for passport holders of Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and UK. E-Visa online is available for all Europe Union citizens … Continue reading Tourist visa to Southeast Asian countries