Underwater bliss in Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh 5
Sumur Tiga beach

Pulau Weh, also known as Sabang, is a small volcanic island located in the Andaman Sea famous for its large variety of fish species and coral reef areas. There are four islets surrounding Weh Island: Klah, Rubiah, Seulako, and Rondo. Among those, Rubiah is well known for diving tourism, because of its coral reefs. Weh Island is a part of Aceh province where Islam is the main religion and the Sharia law has been applied exclusively for the province. The island ecosystem was affected by the tsunami on the 26th December 2004 and it is unknown how many of its inhabitants were killed by the event.

How to get there: Pulau Weh is reachable from Banda Aceh by fast boat in 45 min (80.000 rupias) or by ferry in two hours (25.000). You can reach Banda Aceh from Medan by night bus (10-12 hours 80.000 rupias) from Binjai bus station.  There are also three weekly low-cost direct flights from Sabang to Medan for 30€. You can purchase your tickets with Wings Air via this website: www.tiket.com

How to move around: there is no public transport in the island. The best way to move around is by rental motorbike or by tuk tuk.

Where to stay: Iboih beach has the cheapest accommodation, I stayed at Olala Cafe paying 80.000 per night for a double room with ocean view.


What to do: due to Ramadan most of the activities were cancelled. Normally diving and boat trips are available for dolphin watching and to visit some snorkeling spots and the underwater volcano. I just rented snorkeling gear and explored Iboih´s surroundings and Rubiah Island. Also visited Sumur Tiga beach which is really beautiful.

Where to eat: most places were closed in Iboih during Ramadan, we got take away western food at Dee Dee´s, the only place open for breakfast and lunch. The day we visited Sumur Tiga beach we loved the food at Freddie´s

Pulau Weh 2
Olala pier – Iboih
Pulau Weh 1
View from Olala restaurant
Pulau Weh 3
Underwater bliss
Pulau Weh 4
Gua Sarang

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