Exploring George Town

George Town is part of the Penang state and the second largest city of Malaysia. This multi-cultural colonial town is one of UNESCO´s World Heritage Site and is very popular among travelers for its street art and architecture. It is also considered the food capital of Malaysia for its street food blending Malay, Chinese and Indian influences.

How to get there: Air Asia has low cost flights from several places in Southeast Asia to Penang. You can travel from Thailand or Singapore to Penang by bus for about 12$ and if you are in Langkawi you can get a direct ferry. Click here to purchase online tickets.

Where to stay: Tipsy Tiger Hostel has dorms for 8€, including breakfast and 2 drinks at the bar. This is great value considering the high price of alcohol in Malaysia.

Where to eat: Little India has lots of cheap restaurants. I loved the food stalls at Red Garden, the fresh juices are huge and cheap.

How to move around: you can either explore the city centre by foot or bike. The best way to explore the city surroundings is by motorbike or public bus, just make sure you have the exact amount as the bus driver doesn´t give change.

What to do:

Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia where Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend in harmony. It is located at the foot of the Air Itam mountain and offers  impressive city views.


Kapitan Keling Mosque is the most prominent historic mosque in Penang reflecting Moorish Islamic influence.

Getting lost in the historical neighborhoods of Little India and Armenian Street, to admire the old colonial architecture, scenery, and shops to see.IMG_5071IMG_5068

George Town´s biggest charm is the street art, mostly beautiful creations of everyday Malaysian life. One of the most famous artist is the Lithuanian Ernest Zacharevic, who created 6 murals back in 2012 including Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur, Boy on a Bike and Little Children on a Bicycle.


Tip: don´t miss a visit to China House, a complex of restaurants, bars and art gallery.


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