Kyei zu tinbade Myanmar

My favorite country in the world is Myanmar. Nothing else compares to its people, culture, temples, nature, landscapes…  This country will take your breath away, will amaze you and will inspire you in ways you never expected.

“The beauty of traveling is that someone´s ordinary becomes your extraordinary”

Secluded and isolated for over five decades, exploring Myanmar sometimes felt like traveling back in time. Men wearing longhis, women and children with tannaka paste in their faces to protect from the strong sun.

Exploring the temples of Bagan, cruising Inle Lake, roaming around Mandalay´s palace, pagodas and monasteries; Trekking through remote villages in Hsipaw with no running water or electricity; Sleeping in a thin mattress on the living room floor of a local host; This was my Myanmar.  The country that made me realize the most beautiful things in life aren´t just things. They are the kindness of people, magical places, unforgettable memories, unique moments, stranger´s smiles and the universal language of laughter.




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